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  I will save you those long hours thinking about whether or not you should buy that product. Sometimes one needs a guiding hand to know where to start skincare products. I can help you with that either personally or online. 


We’ve all heard of personal shoppers for clothes, but never for beauty and skincare! I get asked all the time to help "update my skin routine” and “tell me what skincare to buy” and to be honest, that's kind of my most favorite thing to do! 

With a personal skincare shopper, I will help you improve your skincare routine.

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A service fee is required to pay before moving on to personal shopping *Prices Vary*. Once your form is received, I will contact you within 24-48 hrs of the submitted request. We will chat over FaceTime, text, or email about the information you submitted. I'll select 3-5 products to add or replace your current skincare routine. I will include a detailed product analysis, where you can buy it OR we can spend a day shopping at Ulta or Sephora(additional charge) & a detailed written tutorial so you know the best way to use/apply the products.


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